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Laila and the Suspension of Disbelief is my speculative sci-fi fantasy debut novel in the process of publication. Find out more below.


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A lesbian couple signs up for an underground experiment called Interfinity which gives them access to a new communication technology that allows them to touch each other across the distance. Living oceans apart, they craft a plan to be physically together again. When the secret organization responsible for the program interferes, the two find themselves fighting back with nothing but their wits.
From the author of Interfinity. The gripping sequel to “Interfinity”. After coming out of a treacherous ordeal in an underground experiment, a lesbian couple is about to have a child of their own without using any sperm donors. But the plan has complications and life gets in the way of having their dream family. Will they see it through?

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  • A Beauteous Morn
    And all the beauty lost in cruel lies, She repaints with grace Using none but her kind eyes.
  • A Sonnet, Maybe
    So long as you are here, I am at peace; And every woe turns to unbounded bliss.
  • Farewell to Chaos
    If you must stay, So I said, Stay in my lore
  • Seconds to Hours
    It is your loving hand That stretches The seconds to hours


Natalia Go is an Adult Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy Author.

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